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ok than good fun when you get locked away in the dungeon of your family and all the ppl you liked (oh sry forget you giv a fuck about them) can go down there to torture you and fuck the shit out of you to produce ah hell load of fun. Until you not more than a working unit and doesn't produce the fun they want.
If you had luck then they use u as a waste eating cleaner until there is a change in the political power structure of this Timeline.
Then they set you free at ah freeway pull-in in the hope you get under the weels of a other car so they dont have to stand up straight for what they done too you.

P.S: i have thinked you died last april by the try too make a noter Godzilla in a microwave ? (she's note amused about what they tryd with you)

P.P.S: good work with your lizard squad in the last time, could laugh by the one or the other ^^
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